Veloso Tours ‘Expedition Cruising in South America’ brochure


Veloso Tours, is pleased to announce the launch of their comprehensive ‘Expedition Cruising in South America’ brochure. With 18 years of experience operating to Latin America, Veloso Tours offers an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge to ensure your holiday is a truly memorable and authentic experience. Veloso Tours will create the perfect cruise and tour itinerary that meets your exact requirements.

Their comprehensive brochure showcases the best expedition cruising available in South America, including: a wide choice of cruises in the Galapagos Islands to suit every need and budget; the best Amazon River Cruises including the luxurious Aria Amazon (see picture) sailing the Amazon in Peru; coastal cruises exploring the awe-inspiring Chilean fjords, glaciers and Cape Horn; and a trip of a lifetime cruising to Antarctica.

Don’t miss out. Call Veloso Tours on 0208 762 0616 or visit their website

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