Variety Cruises adds three new yachts to Cuba Cruises


Variety Cruises have deployed a third vessel to Cuba this winter. So you now have an incredible choice of how you journey around this beautiful and historic island.
Hidden from tourists for many years Cuba’s recent rapprochement with the USA means the floodgates have opened for mass package travel – which most experts think may spoil the island’s amazing natural beauty, unique social history and (currently) primitive charm and culture within a few short seasons.
You could of course fly there and see it on a road trip – but given Cuba’s road network and internal transport system a cruise around the coast is far and away the best option to see as much as possible in a short 7-day visit that reaches the part most tourists never get to see.

Stop imagining it, call  0208 324 3117 and make it reality and book your Cuban cruise!

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