Cruise and Maritime Voyages BOGOF deals


 Cruise and Maritime Voyages 0844 998 3877 has recorded incredible early booking results with 40% of its 2018 programme sold.  The current BOGOF (Buy one get one free) deal finished on Saturday 1st July.  The company has decided  to offer further BOGOF deals on 60 of the 93 departures in 2018 for another month, until the end of July this year. This is the last chance to book a BOGOF deal.

This means the first person will pay the full fare and the second person sharing will go for free. BOGOF will now apply to 60 of the 2018 departures on board Columbus, Magellan, Marco Polo and Astoria. For example – Columbus  30 May 2018, at Whitsun, cruises to the Norwegian fjords for seven nights from London – Tilbury  visiting Amsterdam, Eidfjord, cruising Hardangerfjord & Sognefjord, Flåm and Bergen will start from £1019 and the BOGOF deal means £510pp. Magellan 16 March 2018 (includes Good Friday) sailing down to the Canary Island & Madeira for 15 nights includes calls into Gibraltar, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Madeira and Lisbon. Fares from £1999 and when booked this July £999pp.

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