Explore uncharted territory with the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN


Explore uncharted territory with the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN: five international expedition cruises featured in the new  www.hl-cruises.com    2018/2019 main catalogue

 ·       Expedition highlights: travelling through the Northeast Passage  ·   Selected international cruises on board BREMEN   .  New: camping in the Antarctic

 With the announcement last year that expedition ship HANSEATIC is to remain in the fleet until September 2018, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has introduced a new catalogue for the 2018/2019 season which features two international cruises aboard HANSEATIC and also three on board BREMEN. The cruises on the BREMEN are intended to serve as a transition until the launch of the new international expedition ship ‘HANSEATIC inspiration’ in October 2019.

 The five English-speaking cruises include expeditions to the popular destinations of Antarctica and the Arctic, with BREMEN sailing through the North East Passage in the summer of 2018.

 Both small ships – the 5-star*, 175-passenger HANSEATIC and 4-star*, 155-passenger BREMEN – are extremely manoeuvrable, with the highest ice class for passenger ships; sailing spectacular routes, which larger ships just cannot access.

The Antarctic is home traditionally to the HANSEATIC and BREMEN expedition ships in the winter months – the best time to traverse the world’s southernmost waters. Guests can enjoy an unforgettable experience here: in select spots, they have the opportunity to camp ashore for the night. The adventure begins with a Zodiac landing, before passengers pitch their tents and spend the night surrounded by a world of ice (weather permitting). A total of two ‘international cruises’ will be offered to the Antarctic on board BREMEN in early 2019.

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