Cuba Libre & Caribbean cocktails from CMV


Cruise amd Matirm Marco Polo 1

Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) has some cabins still available on a sumptuous cruise itinerary next month that features an extended call in Havana – Cuba, plus calls to seven exotic Caribbean Islands. Departing from Bristol – Avonmouth on 28 February it is plain sailing all the way on board the popular Marco Polo for a total of 35 nights, with no flying involved. Fares from a most affordable £1599pp, which is under £46 a night!

This voyage takes you into a completely different world, now that Cuba is allowing cruise ships to call for the first time. The chance to escape the winter for 35 nights, during the traditional UK cold spell must be an attraction. Turn your heating down, consider the savings on your supermarket visits, and to the fuel pumps, then book this cruise at under £1600. This wonderful itinerary cruises out and back via the beautiful Azores. You visit Caribbean hot spots that includes Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, St Maarten, Tortola and the Dominican Republic. You will also see Cozumel (Mexico) plus the highlight for many an extended stay in vibrant Havana, Cuba.

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