17 SEP 2017 – 1 OCT 201715  DAY CRUISE FROM £3250

Join Swan Hellenic’s  Minerva in Trieste, perched on the very edge of north-east Italy looking out over the Adriatic Sea. An overnight in port gives ample time to discover the city’s once-grand neoclassical architecture and marvel at the UNESCO-listed Roman ruins of Aquileia.

Your next port of call is Ravenna, a glittering showcase of Byzantine art, most evident in its ecclesiastical buildings. Step ashore in Rijeka, gateway to the Opatija Riviera, and a charming city whose centre is resplendent in Austro-Hungarian style. An imposing castle gazes down from Trsat, a 135 metre hill, which is also home to the Church of Our Lady, Croatia’s oldest sanctuary of pilgrimage.

On to picturesque Sibenik, your gateway to Krka National Park and its magnificent waterfalls, before Minerva sets sail for the island of Hvar. In its main town, also called Hvar, wonder at impressive architecture and a Renaissance Franciscan monastery. Your discoveries of Croatia continue during an overnight stay in Split, where the Roman Palace of Diocletian is among its highlights. From here, explore the delightful island of Korcula, with its medieval Old Town, then on to ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ Dubrovnik. An overnight in port gives ample opportunity for exploration of this UNESCO-listed living museum.

Your next port of call is Kotor in neighbouring Montenegro. Positioned at the head of southern Europe’s deepest fjord, its labyrinthine Old Town is a delight. Next Minerva sets her sights on Katakolon, your gateway to Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympic Games. Relax on board during a day at sea, which takes you to the small Greek port of Itea. From here a drive up into the Parnassus Mountains takes you to Delphi, the site of the ancient Oracle, once considered to be the centre of the known world.

Your cruise continues with a transit of the Corinth Canal. A feat of modern engineering, this narrow, steep-sided passage is impassable to larger cruise ships.


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