Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines makes it even easier to enjoy its one-night UK ‘Taster Cruises’ in 2017



Guests wishing to book a Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ one-night UK ‘Taster Cruise’ in 2017 can now do so without having to take out a Cruise Travel Insurance policy, making it even easier to experience a Fred. Olsen cruise for the first time.
Throughout its 2017/18 cruise season, the company is offering a selection of short UK ‘Taster Cruises’, which allow guests to come on board its cruise ships for one night to enjoy a ‘snapshot’ of the facilities and fun of a cruise holiday, experiencing a sumptuous five-course dinner, excellent entertainment and stylish accommodation.
In addition, to remove a further ‘barrier’ for guests wishing to enjoy a one-night UK ‘Taster Cruise’ in 2017, but who do not hold a current passport, this range of short sailings will not require them to hold a valid passport.

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