The Aranui 5, The freighter to Paradise’



The Aranui 5 the only vessel to travel the 2,200-mile trip from Papeete in Tahiti to all six inhabited Marquesas Islands in the remotest inhabited archipelago in the world, is offering discounts on two of its 2017 departures.  Travellers looking for a unique holiday experience will benefit from a 10% saving on the 8 June 2017 departure, as will seniors aged 60 years and over, who book on to the 30 September departure.

The 14-night voyages offer soft adventure combined with comfort and the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of onshore excursions to high volcanic mountains, remote beaches and towering waterfalls.   From hiking in pristine jungle and swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fish, to marvelling at distinctive stone tiki gods and sacred ritual sites, every day of the trip brings a different and inspiring experience.

Passengers are always greeted warmly by the islanders, who view the Aranui as a lifeline, with its cargo of goods transported from the outside world.  Visitors are encouraged to meet local people, including artisans who demonstrate ancient skills such as intricate woodcarving, basket weaving and traditional Polynesian tattooing.

It is easy to see why this unique archipelago has also inspired so many foreign artists throughout the centuries, including renowned French painter, Paul Gauguin, who is buried on Hiva Oa Island.  Passengers may go in to the colonial store where he shopped, visit a replica of his infamous ‘House of Pleasure’, and walk up to the cemetery to view his grave, enjoying glorious vistas of the sweeping bay below.

Accommodation on the Aranui 5 is in one of 103 cabins, each decorated to reflect its Polynesian heritage.  Cabins range from premium exterior state rooms with private balcony and standard double rooms to class C shared dormitory-style accommodation for four to eight guests.

Prices for a 14-day voyage, including all taxes and the 10% discount outlined, start from Euros 2290pp in a class C dormitory (no children under 16 years) and from Euros 3694pp in a standard double cabin, based on two sharing.  This includes all meals, wine during meals on board, planned excursions, expert lecturers and guides, a primarily Polynesian crew, plus facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness room, spa, bars, restaurant, lounges, library, video and computer room.

For further information about cruises on board Aranui 5, visit

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