Avalon Waterways UK new type of European river cruise featuring active excursions



Avalon Waterways UK has launched its 2017 brochure with a new type of European river cruise featuring active excursions and local authentic experiences.

Available on one of the most spectacular stretches of the Danube, from Linz to Budapest, the new ‘Active Discovery on the Danube’ cruises have been carefully planned so Avalon guests can experience the area like a local.  Depending on an individual’s interests, local experiences on offer are based on culture, cuisine, outdoor pursuits and even the harvest of local produce combined with the comfort and luxury of staying aboard an Avalon river cruise ship.

Those wanting to be active can join guided mountain climbing, hiking through spectacular landscape, paddling a canoe or cycling alongside the picturesque River Danube.  Guests will have the opportunity to conduct an orchestra, learn the Viennese waltz, explore an ice cave or even visit a local farm to help with the apricot harvest.  Culinary experiences include a lesson to make authentic Austrian Linzer Torte, a brewery tour to taste locally produced cheeses and beer brewed by Trappist monks, or a hike through vineyards and wine tasting at a traditional Austrian wine tavern. This new approach will tap into demand for more “authentic” experiences and to get much closer to the destination guests are visiting, where the experience is as important as the destination.

The 9 day ‘Active Discovery on the Danube’ cruise from Linz to Budapest (and reverse itinerary) is priced from £2483* per person to include a selection of activities (based on 16 October 2017 departure).  Cruise highlights include Linz, Grein, Durnstein, Krems, Vienna, Bratislava, Visegard and Budapest.


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