Outer Shores Expeditions, additional Haida Gwaii Archipelago


New expedition sailing explores the “Galapagos of the North” aboard the classic wooden schooner ‘Passing Cloud’

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British Columbia’s leading sailing operator, Outer Shores Expeditions, has now added an additional Haida Gwaii Archipelago cruise to their 2016 expedition schedule. The new 8-day “Haida Gwaii Archipelago – Islands on the Edge” expedition sails August 3 – 10 and will take adventurers to the edge of the world and beyond like only Outer Shores can.

Guests will experience first-hand the history and the pre-history of the “Islands of the People.” The expedition is dedicated to exploring and learning about the ecosystems, wildlife and cultural heritage of a region archaeologists believe might very well be the first place humans ever set foot in North America.


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The expedition is dedicated to exploring and learning about the ecosystems, wildlife and cultural heritage of the “Islands of the People”

“The culture and history of Haida Gwaii were born from the islands’ rich abundance of life. There’s good reason they call this place the Galapagos of the North” says Captain Russell Markel, Founder and President, Outer Shores Expeditions. “On our Haida Gwaii expeditions we’ll be delving into the incredible relationship between the land, sea, and people of these remote islands.”

The expedition’s unparalleled experiences begin immediately as guests will be ushered to the 70-foot classic wooden schooner Passing Cloud, the ideal vessel for wildlife and cultural expeditions, via an unforgettable 50-minute floatplane flight over the spectacular national park and marine conservation area.

During frequent shore excursions and zodiac tours, guests will explore estuaries, white-sand beaches, rocky shores, and old-growth forests of giant moss-laden spruce and cedar trees towering over salmon streams, as well as kelp forests and colourful intertidal communities that fringe the interface between land and sea.


Excursions into the archipelago, formerly known as the “Queen Charlotte Islands,” will also include visits to ancient Haida villages where guests learn about their fascinating histories from the legendary Haida Watchmen. Most famous of these is SGang Gwaay Llnagaay, abandoned in the late 19th century and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.


Additional Haida Gwaii Archipelago – Islands on the Edge sailings:

Kunghit Island Photography Tour with James Thompson: June 10-17

Haida Gwaii Archipelago – Islands at the Edge: June 18–25; June 26–July 3; July 5–12; July 14–21; July 23–30

For more information on Outer Shores Expeditions, please visit outershores.ca or call 1-855-714-7233.


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